Best Italian Beers

Best Italian Beers

Italy is a country where wine production has traditionally been overwhelmingly dominant over beer production. With the exception of some regions in northern Italy that have had a certain beer-making influence from Austria, there has not been a particularly notable beer-making tradition until not too many years ago when the first artisanal breweries were born.

In fact, Italy is not considered a particularly brewing country, but there are signs that the future of the beer market in the Alpine country is more promising than in other countries that have traditionally been more brewing, thanks precisely to the public’s taste and interest in the beers produced by the various micro-brewers that have emerged in the country over the last decade.

Birra Moretti

Light lager type and style, using only natural ingredients: pilsen malt from barley, corn, hops, excellent quality water and the exclusive Moretti yeast.

Moretti beer is a light lager type and style of beer with a golden color, softly shining, with a dense white foam that tends to rise in its service in the glass and gives it high vivacity.

In the tasting it presents aromas of freshly cut fruit that combines well with floral nuances of aromatic hops. Its balanced taste between very mild bitter and sweet malt bread provides a rounded beer with an excellent mouthfeel that comforts the palate. Birra Moretti has a light to medium body with a sweet, slightly bitter and very refreshingly fruity finish.

It is an ideal beer to accompany all those typical and fresh dishes provided by the Italian cuisine, especially due to the presence of tomato sauces in most of the dishes made with pasta. Perfect for pizza, fried and breaded.

Lambrate Ghisa

This beer is characterized by a thick cappuccino foam. On the nose, it has smoked notes reminiscent of scamorza and toast notes reminiscent of coffee. In the mouth it is more delicate and presents notes of liquorice, cocoa and nuts (carob) that are accompanied by a delicate bitter taste due to the roasting of malts. 12.5 � 

The name of the beer honors the brewery’s name and the Milan neighborhood that saw it born, so named because it was originally located on the banks of the Lambro River.


Hops Original 4 is a low-fermentation lager that is distinguished by a strong harmony in taste, with aromatic fruit notes that soften its moderate bitterness. Ideal with rounded-flavored dishes and semi-cured cheeses.

It is a malt beer made from barley and hops, with a transparent, straw-coloured appearance and a light body. The peculiarity of the 4 hops gives the beer an exaltation of the typical aroma of the plant and allows to give more strength to the foam. 


Peroni beer is one of the best known Italian beers and is the best known of the brand. It means Blue Ribbon. It’s the most common and sold beer in the Italian streets. It has an elegant and traditional appearance thanks to its labels and graphic design.

Some of its characteristics are its light body, low carbonation and golden color typical of lager, but well served in a glass.

As for its aroma, we can say that it is stronger than expected according to its appearance, although it is not hard at all. As for the taste, it is a little stronger at first, but depending on how you drink it, this sensation becomes more sweet, developing a pleasant palate.

It is a fairly refreshing beer and it is recommended to drink it cold.

Re Hop Birrificio Toccalmatto

First, a strong grass nose (hay/straw). Then, citrus notes (lemon, bergamot, tangerine). The palate is equally balanced between the two hop styles; herbal bitterness and the fruity roundness of the exotic overripe fruit.

Le Baladin

Perhaps it is the representative par excellence of the world of craft beer in Italy, for being one of the oldest, for offering a wide range of beers that do not leave indifferent and also and above all thanks to the invaluable work developed by its founder Teo Musso. 

Most of the beers produced by Baladin are bottled, since in the words of Teo Musso himself, this is the best way to present them, especially when they are intended to be offered within the menu of a restaurant. This is one of the details, and by no means the only one, that they take care of in Baladin to perfection. An elegant bottle, similar to that of a wine, engraved with the firm’s logo, and with a unique label that highlights the characteristic typography used for the names of their beers. If you offer something good and special, it has to be well presented. Besides malt and hops, in their beers we can find spices, coffee beans, cocoa or even myrrh, for example, and the highly fermented yeasts come from strains used for whisky or wine. Teo’s motto could be to challenge perceptions of what we believe a beer should be, what it really is, and what it can become.


Produced in Sardinia, it takes its name from the island’s ancient Greek name: Ichnoussa or Icnussa. Blonde lager type beer of low fermentation.

Sardinia is not only a beautiful island, it is a spell that gets inside you and leaves you with a unique taste, just like the beer that has been produced in these wonderful lands for a century: Ichnusa.

Made from the waters of the mountains in the Gutturu Mannu natural park, an Ichnusa beer is balanced in taste with a pleasantly bitter touch, light in colour and discreet in aroma, a formula that adds harmony and character that made this beer the true and unique beer of Sardinia.

Perfect for any time of day, Ichnusa gives the drinker a more intense pleasure, sip by sip, with a lingering foam, light and pleasant hoppy aroma in the mouth.

A 4.7% beer capable of satisfying the most demanding, enough to be distributed both in England and Australia, obtaining the two stars in the category of beers in the Superior Taste Award and the Silver Medal in the World Beer Championship in Chicago.


Such as: Lambrate, Birra del Borgo, Birrificio del Ducato, or Toccalmato, among others. In fact the throne of wine in that country is being torpedoed by the excellent productions of these and other microbreweries, and more and more specialized breweries and restaurants that include a beer menu are proliferating, since they are beginning to be legion who demand these beers in the Italian hotel industry, especially throughout the north of the country.

These beers are considered the best Italian beers. 

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