Best Mexican Beers

Best Mexican beers

Mexico has a long history of beer brewing. Before the significant conquest, beer was being made using corn. Looking at the total market share, two notable brands dominate the brewing industry, that is FEMSA and Grupo Modelo. Mexican beers are mostly served with lime juice. People also serve the beer as a cocktail drink. To make the cocktail, they mix salt chili powder, light beer, and soy sauce. Although there are many beers in Mexico, this bear has a great taste, here are the nine best Mexican beers.


The first corona beer to be brewed was brewed in 1925. This type of beer has a fruity-honey aroma and has some touch of malt. It has a smooth flavor, and it is very refreshing. It is milder compared to the European beers, and the lighter domestic beers. This beer has a superior taste because it is made of top-notch ingredients. This beer is prepared with clean filtered water, yeast, corn, and malted barley. Corona beer is a perfect drink, especially during the summer season. This drink has a volume of 4.6% and contains 146 calories in 12 ounces serving.


Victoria beer is brewed by Grupo Modelo company. The beer is delicious and a perfect drink to enjoy on its own. This beer has an amber appearance and perfectly delivers the Mexican flavor. The drink has an aroma of blossom honey on toast. In each serving, it has 135 calories. This lager beer is prepared with water, non-malted cereals, barley malt, and hop, thus giving it a bubbly body. It has a smooth taste and a crispy finish. You can enjoy this premium bear with mild cheese, grilled meats, or with Asian or Latin food.


This beer was introduced in the market 60 years ago. Tecate is a favorite beer among the Mexican people. This beer is available in two flavors, that is Tecate light and Tecate Original. In each serving, Tecate has 110 calories. The volume of alcohol is 3.9%. Tecate light has a light citrus flavor. It has a bright appearance and is the best to be taken on hot days. On the other hand, Tecate Original is stronger, and has a golden appearance. It has a crispy flavor but has some medium bitterness.

Dos Equis

Dos Equis is a beer that was first brewed in 1890. It was sold locally, until 100 years ago when it started being taken to the US. The beer undergoes through five steps, that is malting, then brewing, fermentation, lagering, and later filtration. This beer pours as a yellow color and has a fizzy white head. It has a strong aroma, grains, sweet malt, and corn. It has a thick syrup feel while swallowing. The aftertaste is more of sweet malt. It has decent carbonation, and crisp. The sweetness can be compared to that of honey. This is a perfect option for people who like beers with balanced compositions.


Grupo Modelo produces Modelo beer. The company exports its beer in many countries in the world. Modelo comes in three flavors; Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, and Modelo Negra. This beer has one of the most appealing tastes among the Mexican beers. This beer is made using, Non-Malted cereals, Barley malt, water, slowly roasted caramel malts, and hops. This beer has a rich flavor and has a smooth taste while Modelo Especial has a tantalizing sweetness, and a bright, clean finish. One pair has 145 calories. The drink is made of cereals, barley malt, and hops, thus giving it a balanced flavor.

Noche Buena

Noche Buena beer is mostly available around Christmas. It is a strong-flavored beer. Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma owns Noche Buena. The beer was founded in 1924. This drink is associated with a class. The beer has a strong malt flavor, caramel, and accents of beer. and offers a great smooth taste. The beer is fermented at low temperatures and is only sold from October to February. It is a light drink with a medium toasted hue.


Leon is a beer that is maltier and darker. This beer mixes some sweetness and some slight bitterness. When poured, it forms a white foam. This beer was introduced in the market in 1900. The aroma consists of malts and hops. It has a pleasant taste, with a hint of a refreshing taste, and can be enjoyed on hot days. It has an aroma of lots of dry grains. The drink has higher carbonation.


Bohemia is a trendy drink in Mexico. This beer has a pleasant aroma of vanilla, roasted barley, minerals, and fruits. This light beer has a hop finish. You will experience a sweet grain taste in the beginning, but the aftertaste is bitter. The beer has a pale appearance, and you can enjoy it at any time. It comes in different flavors like Bohemia Clasica, Bohemia Weizen, and Bohemia Chocolate. This beer pours in a very clear straw. The beer ends with a pleasing hop snap. This beer is affordable and readily available. It contains 4.7 ABV.


This beer was first made in the early 1970s. It is a pilsner-style lager beer, and this beer is ubiquitous among the surfers. The beer has a golden appearance, and it is best enjoyed with seafood. It has a malty grain and hops finish. It has 144 calories. This drink is made for those with an independent spirit and pours in translucent gold color. It has a white pop on top when poured. The white foam fizzles away after a few seconds. It has an aroma of roasted grains, and also some grassy aftertaste. The drink is virtually tasteless and has low-medium carbonation. It has a light feel, and it is very refreshing and goes well with tacos and any spicy food.


When you get to know how Mexico has different food flavors, choosing the best beer to accompany the food can be very hectic. Sometimes brewers add many flavors like sweet malt, crystal malt, and many more flavors. It is up to you to choose your favorite taste among the Mexican beers.

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