Best Sour Beers To Enjoy

Best Sour Beers

Most of us want to have a glass or a bottle of an ice-cold beer when resting after a tiring day at work. Even when we’re relaxing on a weekend, or while enjoying a movie in our home theaters. We find the bitter-sweet taste of the beer oddly invigorating and refreshing. But surprisingly, there is another beer variant available in the market: sour beers.

Sour beers, as the name implies, are beers that have a sour taste, which is a little bit peculiar to the ones we normally drink. The sourness of this type of beer is a result of prolonged fermentation and the use of other microbes such as Lactobacillus sp. along in the brewing process. We’ve made a list of the best sour beers available in the market.

New Belgium La Folie

A well-known product of the New Belgium Brewing Company, this unique booze is aged in oak barrels, also known as foeders, for one to three years. La Folie has a deep, dark red-bronze hue, and its aroma is described as jammy, green apple-ish, peppery alcohol with citrus zest. And when you finally get to taste this beer, the sharp and clean sour, and maltiness will flourish in your mouth, and will give one a thirst-quenching feeling. The combination of Pale, Munich, and Caramel malt and the lager yeast used did the magic, giving the beer its distinctive taste and aroma. The beer contains 7% alcohol by volume and 210 calories, typical for any beer. 

Brooklyn Bel Air Sour

One of the Brooklyn Brewery’s latest products, the Bel Air Sour is described as one of their casual drinks. It’s considered as a sour ale, with clear hints of tropical fruits, which greatly contributes to the refreshing sensation when drinking. The combination of Pale Wheat and American 2-row malt, together with Simcoe and Amarillo hops gives rise to its zesty taste, tropical fruit aroma. It has 2 variations, which differ in alcohol percentage: 4.5% and 5.8% alcohol by volume variants. It has fairly low alcohol content, making it perfect for casual occasions or even as a refreshment, It can be paired with several dishes and pastries such as grilled chicken, seafood, goat cheese, pizzas, bread, sorbets, and many more.

Lost Nation Gose

Sticking with the traditional German beer style, this product of Lost Nation Brewing is an amazing brew out of coriander and sea salt. Lost Nation Gose has a hazy yellow color when poured, with a thin white foam at the top. It has a strong smell of citrus with a salty and flowery hint. It also has a medium sourness upon drinking, with the salt becomes pronounced along with the citrus flavor. Overall, this booze is crisp and light, having only about 4.8% alcohol by volume.

Duchesse de Bourgogne

Produced by Brouwerij Verhaeghe, a brewery situated in Belgium which specializes in Flanders red ale. Their flagship product, the Duchesse de Bourgogne, is a globally-known ale for its superior quality. The Bourgogne ale undergoes primary and secondary fermentation before being matured in oak barrels for 1 and a half years. The final product is a mixture of an 8-month-old and an 18-month-old beer. The Bourgogne has a good mahogany hue with a translucent clarity and has fermented cheery, wet oak, currant, and a hint of darker malt for its aroma. Upon drinking, you can taste its dark fruit components such as black cherry and plum which gives it a level of sweetness, while clashing with the balsamic vinegar, which gives the Bourgogne a sweet-sour overall taste. 

Lagunitas Dark Swan Sour Ale

The Dark Swan is described as an experimented hopped sour ale, fermented with dark red wine grapes, and is a limited release product of Lagunitas Brewing Company, that was once available last August to September of last year. Dark Swan has a clear dark purple-ruby color, with a creamy, light khaki-tanned foam. It has an acidic and vinous fruit aroma, with a strong, pungent citrus hint when poured in a glass. This booze will give off a good orange and piney taste but eventually be overwhelmed by sharp malty feel, with red grape, sour, and somehow dry aftertaste.

Cuvée des Jacobins Prestige

A product of Brouwerji Omer Vander Ghinste and another type of a Flanders Red Ale, Cuvée Prestige is one of the outstanding ones among the other ales in its group. This sour beer is a blend of a 24 month-old brew which was spontaneously fermented and combined from numerous foeders. It has a hazy, dark copper brown coloration with white foam on top when poured in a glass. It also gives off a very noticeable aroma of dried sour fruits and a hint of burnt sugar, it also leaves a vinous hint on the nose. Cuvée Prestige has an intense sourness at first sip but is well-balanced by fruity sensation on the tongue. 

10Barrel Brewing Co. Crush Cucumber Sour

A breakthrough for the 10Barrel Brewing Company, Crush Cucumber is the most refreshing brew among other sour beers out in the market. Its refreshment power is attributed to the cucumber, which maintains its drink’s crispiness also gives this brew a somewhat fresh vegetable taste. Crush Cucumber has a clear light golden hue with a tinge of green and a fizzy white froth. The brew has a light lemon aroma and has the tartness of citrus, decent sourness and a refreshing cucumber taste at the end. Having only 5% alcohol content, the drink itself is light and crisp which makes it a perfect beverage during summer getaways. 

Kiss From A Gose

This particular product of Peach Tree Brewing Company is somehow unique due to its brew made of coriander, sea salt, and rose hips. Pours a cloudy, golden-orange color with a little foam at the top, Kiss From A Gose has a salty, funky, and fruity aroma. The coriander hops attribute the brew with acidity and dryness. The premium sea salt adds a hint of brine and salty aroma, and the rose hips leave a tinge of floral and citrus character. This tart ale has only 5.25% alcohol by volume which makes it light and refreshing. 

Looking for some unique beverage to keep you accompanied during your relaxations? Try these sour beers for a wonderful and refreshing leisure moment.

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