Propane Burner For Homebrewing

More and more people are opening towards the idea of homebrewing, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that the demand for the best propane burner for brewing has nearly doubled in the last few years.

Most homebrewers opt for propane as their go-to fuel due to the ease and low price tag. However, you will not get your desired result if you do not have the right propane burner.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the best propane burners for brewing.

Let’s start:

Why Choose a Propane Burner Specifically for Brewing?

Most new homebrewers having this common question ask: why can’t I just make a nice little campfire and brew over that?

A propane burner may cost you money, but in the long run, it is actually an investment worth having. 

The benefits of using a propane burner for brewing include:

  1. You can easily chop down the boiling time by half when using a propane burner.
  2. A propane burner gives you full control of the amount of heat. This saves your brew from any over-boiling accidents.
  3. Using a burner for brewing is a mess-free solution to ashes left behind by campfires.
  4. It reduces the risk of accidents and is safer than other alternatives.

Ready to pick out your own propane burner? Here is a list of some of the best propane burners for home brewing.

Best Propane Burner for Brewing Reviews

Bayou Classic SQ14

Bayou Classic Patio Stove

Bayou is popular for its high quality and satisfactory home cooking equipment. However, if we had to pick one, we’ll go for the Bayou Classic SQ14.

The frame of the burner is made of high quality and heavy duty steel. This makes it one of the most sturdy home brewing burners. 

Where it really impresses the most is its large cooking surface – 16×16 inches. You will be able to use stock pots of any size. 

Another good thing about this propane burner is its ability to heat sparge water effectively. This is all thanks to the needle present in the regulator kit that allows users to adjust the flame according to their needs. 

This propane burner for brewing comes with an LPG hose made for high pressure as well as an adjustable regulator measuring 0-5 PSI. You will not require any extra purchases once you invest in this burner.


  • Large surface for cooking in stock pots of various sizes
  • High-quality paint does not chip off
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • The welding may not be fully trustworthy


Size16 x 16 x 13 inches
Maximum BTU55,000 IBUs

The Bayou Classic SQ14 Propane Burner is the perfect option for brewing enthusiasts who want a more advanced setup that is both easy to assemble and versatile.

Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Square Burner

Concord Deluxe Single Propane Burner

Looking for a propane burner that can bear the weight of even the heaviest of kettles? Concord delivers a sturdy burner for homebrewing made of cast iron for all kinds of users.

With the Concord Deluxe Banjo propane burner, you will easily be able to heat up a pot weighing almost 400 lbs. 

It delivers a flame measuring almost 200,000 BTUs, which is the highlight of this propane burner. There’s a reason people call this burner a literal dragon!

It comes with everything needed to get started including a hose and connector. Moreover, it also includes a CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator.  

What makes this the best burner for brewing is how easy it is to store. The burner has foldable legs that make it easy to store and keep away when it is not in use.

Thanks to its weather-proof paint coating, your burner will look as good as new even after multiple uses.


  • Can bear the weight of pots filled with 400 lbs of water
  • Sturdy heavy iron structure
  • High heat input for quick boiling


  • It may be hard to control the flame and keep it stable


Size16.5 x16.5 x16.5 inches
Maximum BTU200,000 BTUs

The Concord Deluxe Banjo Burner can be a good option for users who want a durable propane burner.

Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker

Bayou Classic High-Pressure Burner

The Bayou Classic propane burner does not have many features, yet it deserves to be on this list thanks to being lightweight.

Its 13-inch, steel-welded frame makes it durable. In fact, we think it is among the strongest burners available on the market. But, this is not all where it impresses. The cooking surface offers a wide area of 14 inches. This allows the coker to easily handle a stock pot containing 100 quarts of water. 

Even with its small size, this burner produces 185,000 BUTs of power. Do not worry if this is too much power for you since the burner is adjustable. 

It comes with an easy to use valve that makes it possible to control fire. With this feature, you will not have to worry about burnt liquid. 

We must mention how easy it is to install. It’s one of the few machines that come with all the parts already attached. The only thing you have to do is screw the hose into the cooker and your propane burner will be ready for some flavorful homebrewing.


  • Lightweight but durable steel structure
  • Complete windscreen protection to avoid flame spills
  • Broader leg spacing for balance


  • Paint burns off after the very first use


Size18 x 18 x 13 inches
Maximum BTU185,000 BTUs

The Bayou Classic High Pressure Cooker can be a good option for beginners who wish to test the waters with homebrewing. It’s one of the best propane burners due to its low price tag and durability.

GasOne Heavy-Duty Single Burner

GasOne Heavy-Duty Single Burner

Despite being new to the propane burner market, the GasOne burner is still the top choice of many homebrewers. 

It includes some features that you will not find on other top propane burners.

Thanks to the 200,000 BTUs, this burner has an astonishing heat output. We found it highly versatile as it’s not only suitable for home brewing but other purposes as well. 

Despite the high heat output, the flames stay limited and contained within a frame fitted with an adjustable knob. 

What sets this burner apart from the others on the market is its removable legs. This feature not only makes this cooker portable, but also a great option for brewing outdoors on uneven ground.

For added safety, the cooker comes with an o-ring to be fitted around the regulator. This ring reduces the risk of leaks during use to provide you with the safest home brewing experience.

The GasOne Heavy-Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker is a versatile machine, which is why many consider it the best propane burner.


  • You can buy a special cover for easy storage
  • High heat output best for brewing and well as home cooking
  • Sturdy structure suitable for various surfaces


  • Paint chips off


Size15.5 x 15.5 x 12 inches
Maximum BTU200,000 BTUs

Blichmann Hell Fire Floor Burner

Blichmann Hell Fire Floor Burner

The Blichmann HellFire Floor Burner comes with two modes instead of a single temperature adjuster. 

Users can opt for either the high power mode, which has a heat output of about 140,000 BTUs per hour, or the efficiency mode gives off 80,000 BTUs per hour.

Both these modes allow easy brewing and home cooking. Pick what fits you more.

Another great feature about this brewing burner is its ability to direct the heat towards the stock pot. This reduces the time needed to get the job done as no power is wasted.

The Blichmann burner comes with a clip-on heat shield for protection. It does not let heat escape and makes the unit secure.

A feature that really hits the bull’s eye, however, is the adjustable retaining bars on the burner. These adjustable bars can bear stock pots or kettles that are up to 19.5 inches in diameter. 

Additionally, the burner promises a long life thanks to the rust-free and heavy gauge made steel frame.


  • Dual mode of flame
  • Adjustable bars to accommodate stock pots of bigger sizes
  • Fume-free and long lasting frame


  • Slightly heavy at around 30 pounds


Size18 x 12 x 15 inches
Maximum BTUTwo modes – 140,000 BTUs and 80,000 BTUs

The Blichmann Hell Fire Floor Burner is among the best propane burners due to its incredible features. Consider it if you’re looking for a safe machine.

GasOne B-3600H Propane Burner

GasOne Propane Burner with Stand & Cover

A burner specifically designed for home brewing, this beauty from GasOne does not disappoint when it comes to features and ease of use. 

It offers 200,000 BTUs making it one of the best propane burners on the market.

The design is simple, but the features are not. The highlight of this burner is its adjustable height. The original size of the legs is about 15 inches, how they can go up to 30 inches.

The mechanism is simple and safe. Moreover, the burner is sturdy thanks to the cast iron frame. It also includes an extra braided hose pipe that’s made to last.

Additionally, the burner comes with a cover that keeps it protected against the sun and rain. Put it on and leave it outside – no worries for storage. 


  • High heat output of 200,000 BTUs
  • Adjustable legs that extend almost 30 inches
  • Sturdy iron frame


  • Paint may chip off after single use


Size15.75 x 15.75 x 16.00 inches
Maximum BTU200,000 BTUs

Wanting to purchase a burner for brewing? Consider the GasOne B-3600H Propane Burner. It’s made for all kinds of users and for many is the best propane burner for brewing.

Anvil Burner Stand

Anvil Burner with Stand

This burner hits it out of the park with its adjustable legs that offer more than just two variables. It offers several heights – 7, 16, and 24 inches. Additionally, the legs are designed in a special manner that allows easy mounting and attachment. 

With its unique design, you will be able to create a two tier brewing system. We also found that it stays stable on all surfaces thanks to its self-leveling feet.

The burner has a larger surface area which calls for even heat distribution without any flame escapes. 

With a 45,000 heat output, it might not be the most powerful option out there, but it does get the job done. It can boil 5 gallons of water in about 20 minutes.

This best propane burner for homebrewing review will not be complete without mentioning how durable this precision cast aluminum burner is. It does not catch rust and is made to last for years.


  • Highly adjustable legs
  • Powerful flame and heat controller
  • Noiseless functioning


  • The burner may begin to lose color after a few days of use


Size15 x 15.75 x 15.00 inches
Maximum BTU45,000 BTUs

The Anvil Burner Stand is one of the best propane burners for homebrewing. It’s affordable and easy to use. 

Camplux JK-SL21 Single Burner

Camplux Single Burner

This single burner by Camplux gets to work just as you turn it on. 

With a heat output of 200,000 BTUs, this propane burner for brewing is the optimum choice for quick brewing.

For easy heat adjustment, the burner comes with a temperature controlling knob that allows users to decide how much heat they wish to supply to their stock pot or kettle. 

The legs are both adjustable and removable. This not only allows easy storage, but makes the cooker portable as well. Meaning, you can take it out on a camping trip easily.

What really stands out is its x-shaped burner. This shape allows any type or size of stock pot or kettle to rest peacefully. 

The cooker comes with a hose as well as a regulator that is CA listed with a capacity of 0-20 PSI. This high quality regulator ensures a timely and controlled supply of gas to the burner to prevent any accidents. 

The stove is long-lasting and contains waterproof paint.

The Camplux JK-SL21 Single Burner is one of the best propane burners for brewing. We think it can be great for users who want a portable option.


  • Removable legs for portable and easy storage
  • Helps save time
  • Long-lasting waterproof coating protects against harsh weather


  • Low pressure output


Size16 x 16 x 28 inches
Maximum BTU200,000 BTUs

Brewing Burner FAQ

How does a propane burner work?

It works by mixing propane with the oxygen present in the environment to create a flame. When you turn it on, propane comes out that quickly mixes with oxygen to start combustion. The flame will not be strong if there isn’t enough propane (fuel) or oxygen.

○ What is BTU and why is it important?

Short for British Thermal Unit, BTU is the measure of how much heat a stove or cooker delivers. This is important because it tells you how much time your cooker will require to cook or boil something. 

One BTU equals the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of water by one degree.

You will need 1,178.6 BTUs to boil a gallon of water – starting 70°F – in about an hour.

A good burner for brewing should have at least 50,000 BTUs.

○ Do I need to wear gloves when using a propane burner?

You should wear gloves in the following situations:

  • Transferring liquid propane from one tank to another
  • When using a knob or regulator that may be hot

Best Propane Burner for Homebrewing: Conclusion

We hope this list will help you find the best propane burner for homebrewing. Every burner in the list has its specific set of features. Make sure to pick something that fits you the best. 

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