Yeast Starter Stir Plate

Whether you are a master or a beginner, you will have to come face to face with yeast on your journey to brew the perfect beer.

Although, you can easily go to the store and buy a pack of yeast, the real flavor of homebrewing comes out when you are brave enough to make your very own yeast starter. 

Sounds too intimidating? We’ll make it easy by covering some of the best yeast starter kit plates.

Why a Stir Plate is Necessary For Yeast Starter

Decided to be traditional and grow yeast at home? Good choice! 

This endeavor will require a stir plate. Why? Because it is the most efficient and recommended method of growing yeast for homebrewing.

A stir plate works on the principles of magnetic force. They help in stirring liquids and are quite efficient at the job. 

To grow yeast at home, you need to constantly shake and stir your liquid because it requires a certain level of oxygen.

Since humans are incapable of stirring 24/7, you will need a stir plate to do the work for you. A stir plate ensures that you get the best yeast for homebrewing.

Now that we have established the importance of a stir plate, let’s take a look at some of the best stir plates for yeast starter.

INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer and Mixer

INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer

INTLLAB uses simplicity as a strength and delivers the best stir plate for yeast starter. The top plate is made of 316 stainless steel, which is durable and lightweight.

It has a capacity of almost 3000ml, hence it’s ideal for beginners who are just starting out in the yeast home brewing business. However, what we liked the most about this beauty is how incredibly easy and simple it is to use. 

It has a minimalistic speed regulator that you can use to adjust the stirring speed up to 3,000 RPM. The easy speed regulator gives users full control of the stirring power. 

Worried about having to purchase a new stirrer after a while? Thanks to the two-year warranty that comes with this stir plate, you won’t have to. 

It can run 24/7 without a break and is perfect for yeast. Plus, it comes with everything needed to get started – including a magnet.


  • Portable machine
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Capable of running without rest


  • The magnet is not very strong


Material316 stainless steel
Capacity3 liters
Maximum Speed3000 RPM

The INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer and Mixer combines an affordable price with a performance level that is unmatched. It is one of the best yeast starter stir plates and works best for beginners.

Faithful 110v Hot Magnetic Stirrer

Faithful Magnetic Stirrer

With the number of features that the yeast starter kit stir plate by Faithful has to offer, it is sure to deliver nothing less than the highest quality of yeast.

The highlight of this stirrer is its dual control feature. It has two knobs – one for speed and one for temperature. 

The stirrer has a maximum speed of about 2,000 RPM with a capacity of 2,000 ml. The stirring speed can go as low as 100 RPM.

It can stir the liquid while also heating it at the same time. This two-in-one feature is what sets this stir plate apart from the rest.

It also includes every possible accessory required to start growing your own yeast at home. The stirring bar is Teflon coated, which makes it both heat and cold resistant.

What we loved the most about this beauty is the stand that allows easy beaker adjustment and temperature measuring.


  • Two-in-one heating and stirring functioning
  • Non-stick, heat resistant stirring bar
  • The large plate surface ensures instant heating


  • Unreliable temperature controlling knobs


MaterialStainless steel
Capacity2 liters
Maximum Speed2,000 RPM

If you are looking for the best yeast starter stir plate that offers more than one function for a low price, go for the Faithful 110v Hot Magnetic Stirrer

Stir Starter Magnetic Yeast Starter Plate

Stir Starter Magnetic Yeast Starter Plate

This stir plate is specifically designed for homebrewing and many consider it the best starter stir plate.

Unlike most options, this stir plate consists of two powerful magnets fitted into a high powered 12 VDC motor. 

Moreover, you can easily adjust the stirring speed thanks to the voltage regulator.

Despite the low motor being of a low RPM, you do not have to worry about the conical flask ‘throwing’. The backside of this case is composed of plastic with a measurement of 7 inches. This means that the stirrer can easily accommodate a flask measuring up to 2,000 ml.

The stir bar included in the package comes with a durable Teflon coating. 

The most useful feature of this stir plate is the keeper magnet that comes included in the package. This magnet holds the stir bar in place during the pitching process. 

It effectively keeps the stir bar from coming into contact with the fermenter. 


  • Powerful stirring motor
  • Precision control for stirring speed
  • Special keeper magnet to hold the stir bar


  • Can be a little noisy 


Capacity2 liters.
Maximum Speed2000 RPM.

The Stir Starter mAGNETIC Yeast Starter Plate was custom built while keeping home brewing in mind. It is the perfect choice for those who are seeking to culture a high yield of yeast.

Apera Instruments Magnetic Stirrer

Apera Instruments Magnetic Stirrer

This small stirrer can easily handle up to 2 liters of water without fail. It has a maximum speed of 2,300 RPM. The machine comes fitted with two magnetic stir bars. These features make it one of the best starter stir plates.

You’re bound to love the rubber legs fitted in the stirrer. They provide soundless functioning while also keeping the stirrer stable on almost any surface. 

Like most options out there, this one also offers variable speed – zero to 2,300. 


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Rubber legs ensure soundless working


  • Small size base plate cannot accommodate larger flasks.


Capacity2 liters
Maximum Speed2,300 RPM

Looking for a compact and tiny stir plate that ensures good yield? Look no further, the Apera Instruments Magnetic Stirrer can be a good pick. Many call it the best yeast starter stir plate due to its amazing features.

Northern Brewer Maelstrom Stir Plate

Northern Brewer Yeast Stir Plate

This stir plate is best for heavy-duty yeast growing.

It is highly versatile and allows users to choose the right speed – 480 to 1,440 RPM – making it a reliable option. It’s among the fastest stir plates out there and can help you save time. 

Thanks to its heavy-duty and tough design, this stirrer makes yeast starters of 19 liters look like a piece of cake. 

Additionally, the stir plate also has a large 8×8 inches base plate. It can handle big conical flasks like a pro with no fear of accidents.

But, what we liked the most about this is the timer. You can schedule stirring up to almost 48 hours prior and relax. The machine will do its job.


  • Full speed control including 5 different speed levels
  • Incredibly large base plate to accommodate larger flasks
  • Powerful magnets that prevent stir bar throwing


  • Slightly more expensive than other options


MaterialStainless steel
Capacity18 litre
Maximum Speed1,440 RPM

The Northern Brewer Maelstrom Stir Plate is perfect for professionals who want to handle large yields. The programmable feature makes it one of the best yeast starter stir plates.

Topline Lab Magnetic Stirrer

Topline SH-2 Magnetic Stirrer

The topline stirrer has a high quality heating plate made of cast aluminum. This material is special because it has the ability to withstand high temperatures and is even corrosion resistant. 

The plate is also 12×12 cm and can accommodate various sizes of flasks. According to the company, the temperature can go up to 380℃, however, we didn’t find it reaching such heights.

What makes this stirrer the go-to choice for a lot of homebrewers is its powerful stirrer. It has a stirring capacity of almost 2,000ml with a maximum speed of 2,000 RPM. This speed is adjustable and the machine is fairly easy to use.

The 1-inch magnetic stir bar may look tiny but it can easily stir any liquid with ease. You will not need to look for an additional stir bar. 

Not only is the base plate long-lasting, but it is also incredibly reliable with a CE safety certification. 

If the above features haven’t convinced you to get the stirrer by Topline Lab, then the additional accessories will! 

The package comes with a rack for holding the thermometer, rods made of stainless steel, and a manual for easy assembling and use.


  • Large heating base plate made of heat-proof material
  • Ultimate dual functioning with full control
  • The build is solid


  • A lack of proper heating despite high temperatures


MaterialCast aluminum
Capacity2 liters
Maximum Speed2000 RPM

The Topline Lab Magnetic Stirrer is one of the best yeast starter stir plates; however, remember that it does not work 24/7. The apparatus can only go for 8 hours at medium speed and for about 4 hours at high speed.

Fristaden Lab SH-2 Magnetic Stirrer

Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer

This stirrer hits the ball right out of the park with its unique feature of temperature maintenance. Once you adjust and set the temperature according to your preference, you can leave your beaker on the stirrer. 

The base plate has the ability to keep the temperature constant so you do not have to worry about your liquid overheating.

Additionally, the hot plate is long-lasting. Just like our previous pick, this one also doesn’t go beyond 8 hours at a stretch. On the positive side, the machine is highly durable. 

It offers a temperature range of 49°C-350°C and can handle up to 3,000ml. The machine offers a speed of 100 to 1,600 RPM.


  • Adjustable speed makes it reliable
  • Ultimate heating power
  • The surface plate covers a large area


  • A little heavy and bulky at 5 pounds


Capacity3 liters
Maximum Speed1600 RPM

The dual control stirrer by Fristaden Lab SH-2 Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer lives up to its name of an incredibly durable stirrer. Perfect for those who are in search of a long lasting investment.

CO-Z Magnetic Stirrer

CO-Z Magnetic Stirrer

Many call this unique stir plate the best yeast starter stir plate due to its special overhead stirrer instead of a stir bar. 

The stirrer is rust-proof and made to last as it’s made of stainless made of. The motor goes up to 2,000 RPM, making it one of the most powerful stirrers for yeast. Do not worry if you find it too strong, the speed is adjustable.

What sets this beauty apart is its built-in timer that gives users full control of when they want the stirrer to begin and stop operating. This is incredibly useful for home growing as it offers great ease.

It has a maximum capacity of 1,000ml, which isn’t very high but it gets the job done. The machine is versatile and can be used for yeast and a variety of other liquids.

It offers a constant temperature range – room temperature to 210F. However, it can be a little expensive to run as it uses 200 watts of power.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Digital temperature display makes it easy to use
  • The machine is very powerful


  • Lack of temperature stability


MaterialStainless steel
Capacity1 litre
Maximum Speed2,000 RPM

If you are looking for a stirrer that consists of more than just one feature, then the CO-Z Magnetic Stirrer will not disappoint.

YaeCCC Magnetic Stir Plate

YaeCCC Magnetic Stirrer

Last on the list is this best yeast starter stir plate by YaeCCC. It’s among the cheapest yeast stir plates, yet it comes with some brilliant features.

It features a built-in heater to allow easy heating. It allows a maximum temperature of up to 100C. 

Thanks to the arms that are provided along with the stirrer, you can easily install your own thermometer. The arms also make the entire process of stirring your yeast starter hands-free.

The stirrer has a motor power of almost 10W that provides a stirring speed ranging from 100-1,600 RPM. 

When you purchase this stir plate for your yeast starter, you will not need to purchase additional items besides a thermometer. Everything comes ready for you to assemble and use immediately.


  • Built-in heater for flameless heating
  • Does not use a lot of power
  • Arms included in the package for a hands free yeast brewing experience


  • Temperature is not variable


Capacity1 litre
Maximum Speed1600 RPM

Want a stirrer with a built-in thermometer that saves you from the trouble of heating your yeast starter on a stove? Go for the YaeCCC Magnetic Stir Plate. This feature makes it one of the best yeast starter stir plates.

Yeast Starter Stir Plate: FAQ

○ Is a stir plate necessary for yeast starter?

Although you have the option to hand-stir your yeast starter, the process can often be tiring and slow. Plus, it does not always offer good returns.

For a good yield of yeast, you need to be stirring 24/7. Investing in a good stir plate can save you time and energy.

○ How long do you leave yeast starter on a stir plate?

Usually, you need to leave your yeast starter on a stir plate for 12-18 hours. With occasional stirs every few hours, your yeast starter needs to stay aerated in order to allow the yeast to grow.

○ How do you use a stir plate for a yeast starter?

Once you have your yeast starter, transfer it to a flask, cover it with an aluminum cap and place it on top of a magnetic stirrer. This will start fermentation.

○ What should a yeast starter look like?

It is easy to tell whether or not your yeast starter is working. Once the process of fermentation begins successfully, you will notice changes in minutes, such as the appearance of bubbles.

Yeast Starter Stir Plate: Conclusion

These were some of the best yeast starter stir plates. They’ll give you the push that you need to grow your own yeast. 

All these machines are powerful and reliable; however, if we had to pick one, we’ll go with the INTLLAB Magnetic Stirrer and Mixer

It’s among the easiest and most durable options out there but other machines on the list are also quite good.

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